Mission Impossible?

salty-snacksThroughout this blog we have talked about sodium-how much do we need, how much do we consume, how do we cut back?  Whether you are a parent or a school nutrition professional creating menus for students your goal is the same-to reduce sodium levels in children’s diets.

We already know that increasing consumption of fresh foods will help to decrease sodium, but how do we know what our overall daily intake is?  Is it okay to include some of the top ten favorites of children in meal planning?  To answer that I have done the research for you.  The link below takes you to a mobile app called “Sodium Cravings” .  This app serves as a personal health companion to those who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It tracks the sodium level of over 10,000 foods sourced from a USDA database, and provides instant feedback on what you eat.  This app also analyzes an individual’s food habits and makes suggestions for alternate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack items to keep sodium goals within adequate ranges.  You simply select a sodium intake level, add your favorite foods and let the Sodium Cravings app do the work.  You can also share success stories or connect with others through links to Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Instagram.  Give Sodium Cravings a try, it is free to download and designed for iPhones, or iPad.